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Topics: Ottoman Empire, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Europe is the world’s second smallest continent located in the Northern Hemisphere. Europe has great diversity of landforms and cultures. The history impacts the present day of Europe. Also because of the use of their land they will have to improve their way of life. Europe is made up mainly of peninsulas and islands. The two main peninsulas in Europe are the northern and southern peninsulas. Thanks to many peninsulas and islands Europe has many resources such as abundant supplies of coal and iron are needed for an industrialized economy. The resources that are available in Europe shape the life of the people that live and what jobs they can get. Landforms also affect Europe’s varieties of climates that affect where and when vegetation grows. Europe is expanding the land by using a series of sea works because of its expanding population. Also the human interaction on Europe has polluted both their air, land, and many water ways.

The nationalist rivalry and competition for colonies among European nations contributed to the being of World War I. Some nations in northern Europe union. Northern Europe advances in representative government has changed many times. An example is how they went from parliament to get a magna culture which led to the English Bill of Rights which later led to the election of female representation. Eastern Europe has a great diversity of cultures because many ethnic groups have settled there. This has led many empires to control parts of the region, leaving it with little experience of self-rule. Eastern Europe’s location is between Asia and the renaissance history shaped its culture by determining where languages were spoken. It also affected where a certain religion was practiced. France and the Germanic countries developed very different cultures which led to conflicts that snapped the history of western Europe. Yugoslavia was a nation of many ethnic groups distributed among some republics when Serbia tried to dominate Yugoslavia....
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