Eurodisney Business Case

Topics: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Paris, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 5 (1332 words) Published: January 28, 2013
1) How could the company have erred so badly in its estimates of spending patterns of European customers?

* The idea was market Euro Disney as a complete holiday package and encouraging people to stay in the hotels and eat all meats in the complex.
* While setting prices the Company was unable to estimate spending patterns of European consumers and competitors price alternatives. Due to the location advantage and incredible accomodation prices consumers prefer to stay in the city center.

* Travel time to Paris city center from Euro Disney is only 35 minutes and cost of accomodation in Disneyland is as much expensive as a best hotel in Paris. People prefer to stay overnight in the city center instead of staying in the park.

* At the end of 1992, it became clear that the numbers were not being met – there was a recession and people were bringing their own food and not staying in the hotels for many nights. Park admission prices were also very high ($42.25US for adults)

* Skimming Pricing: is relatively high pricing strategy. It is tempting where product is highly differentiated. Setting prices assuming that demand will not be determined by price and therefore the price can be high with large profit margins. It assumes inelastic demad curve, which sales will not affected by prices.

* Penetration Pricing: Setting prices assuming that demand will increase with lower prices and decrease with higher prices and therefore there are limitations on your profit margin. Elastic demand curve assumption.

* Eurodisney saw itself in a monopoly position, and positioned itself in a relatively inelastic demand curve with attracting customers regardless of higher prices. As a result of skimming pricing policy high prices, visitors shortened their stay, avoided hotels abd brought their own food and drink. Many visitors arrived early in the morning, staying late at night or check out early in the morning.

2) Could a better reading of the impact of cultural differences on revenues have been achieved?

There were a few cultural blunders made:

* A no alcohol policy (wine is customary for lunch and dinner in France) and this discouraged visitors * It made mistakes with predicting the peak periods and had to lay off a number of staff when there were fewer visitors, but France has very strict labour laws so they found this to be very difficult * Disney failed to predict demand for breakfast. They told that Europeans dont take breakfast however demand for breakfast is 10 times more than capacity * Tour bus drivers were not catered for properly, so tour companies did not recommend visiting Euro Disney as much as they would have * In America there is a well-established theme park culture. In planning Euro Disney there do not seem to have been many contingency plans established. The attitude towards customer habits was very complacent, assuming that there would be so many customers every day, each staying an average number of nights spending an average amount of money (for America that might be the case). * Leftist demonstrators against to American culture. They called the Park an American cultural abomination. * Disney management failed to research the culture thoroughly enough

3) What suggestions do you have for fostering a climate of sensitivity and goodwill in corporate dealings with the French?

* Cultural differences need to be addressed and not just assume that the foreign country will adopt domestic views. The way Europeans took holidays, bought souvenirs, took transport and ate, all affected Euro Disney’s performance * Disney did not understand the differences in the United States compared to European Labor Laws. This resulted in a waste of funding because labor costs in Europe were significantly higher than in the United States

4) How do you account for the great success of Tokyo Disneyland and the problems of Euro Disney? What are the key...
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