Euro Disney- Case Study

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Euro Disney- Case Study
Until 1992, Disney had been very successful for theme parks. The first theme park was in the city of Anaheim, California, USA. The theme park was called Disneyland. The park's theme song is "It's a small world"; "Peddling a gorgeous environment, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of exotic culture, and prone to the kind of living in an extended family with warm feelings. The dark tunnel with the roller coaster of ups and downs can intimidate children. The theme park is not like real-world with insidious people. The familiar Disney cartoons and a variety of roles in comic books dispersed throughout the park to guide visitors and leaded them to watch Mickey Mouse show or listen to the song of Mermaid”. Anaheim Disneyland was successful. In the 1970s, Florida was another miracle. In 1983, Disneyland in Tokyo proved that the Japanese really liked their Mickey Mouse. Disney cross-cultural successful marketing made Japanese people happy. Disney then turned their attention to Paris, which is called as an European high culture, high style and high-taste of city. Many people ask: "why they selected Paris?" When the Disney company wanted to build a theme park in Europe, more than 200 regional administrative officials around the world pleaded with cash to lure Disney company to build the park in their hometown like creating medicine miracle. Finally Disney company picked Paris, which was considered in terms of demographic and financial subsidies. Approximately 17 million Europeans living in less than two-hour car journey from Paris. There are 310 million people with less than two hours flying to Paris. In addition, the French government was eager to attract the Disney company to Paris and provide more than $ 1 billion for a variety of incentives. The French government expected the project to give France 30,000 jobs. The Major Mistakes

Disneyland stands for U.S. government. The Paris’ Disneyland is like a marriage without...
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