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Procedure, Script and Materials

Time: 20 minutes
You now have 10 minutes to prepare the presentation
You may use a non-electronic dictionary. You must not speak to the other candidates. You may make notes but do not read aloud from the notes in the test. You may take this sheet of paper and your notes into the examination. In the test, give your notes to the examiner when asked.

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Outline of the Speaking Test
Before the exam you have ten minutes preparation time in the preparation room. Here you receive your Mark Sheet and a Picture Story Sheet. You are allowed to use your non-electronic dictionary to prepare your story. There will be two examiners in the exam room – the Interlocutor who is running the exam and the Assessor who is listening and evaluating - and two (or very occasionally three) candidates at a time: INTERLOCUTOR ASSESSOR


This test will have four tasks:
Task 1. Interview • The Interlocutor will ask each candidate one introductory question, and two on another topic. (e.g. food, travel) • First Candidate A then Candidate B will tell their picture based stories • Each candidate gets three different situation cards in turns. They start “three-turn” conversations with the Interlocutor • Candidates receive a card with a sentence describing a problem or situation. After thinking of a few ideas, the candidates discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various ideas before coming to an agreement about the most suitable. Timing 2-3mins. 2 mins. 2 mins. 4-5 mins.

2. Picture Story

3. Transactional Dialogues

4. Discussion

3-4 mins.

Together with the welcome, setting up of tasks and closure, the speaking task will be no longer than 20 minutes. The Interlocutor will speak from a script which you can see on the following pages.

Euro B2 Webset - Speaking - PROCEDURE & INTERLOCUTOR'S...
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