Eureka Forbes Case

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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(The Direct Marketing Pioneer)

The case examines the strategies adopted (over the years) by leading consumer appliances company Eureka Forbes in India. The case explores how the company built up the vacuum cleaner and water/air purifier markets in India from scratch through its direct marketing efforts. The various initiatives to ensure good customer service and enhance customer satisfaction are examined in detail. The case also discusses the company's attempt to enter the bottled water business, its decision to increase the thrust on the retail business, and the problems between its owners, Forbes Gokak Ltd. and Electrolux. Discussion Questions

ANS1:- The different marketing strategies adopted by Eureka Forbes to popularize vacuum cleaners and water purifiers in the Indian market are as follows: * Followed tried & tested direct selling route. Direct Marketing is a method which helps to create a direct connection with the potential consumer to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting consumer relationship. * Eurochamp ‘the friendly man from Eureka Forbes’.

* Advertising campaigns featuring actors from Hindi TV serials. * Customer care network including CRC & 4000 sales personnel for after sales services. * Annual Maintenance Contract
* Operation Red Zone
* Mobile service van facility
* Water labs
* Euroclean home contest
* Gift a Smile scheme
* Exchange offer at a discounted price for water purifier * Service call back within 48 hours with the help of pagers. * 24 hour – 365 days virtual call center.
* B2E strategy.
* Online model to interact with the customers over the internet. * Ad campaign featuring maidservant using the vacuum cleaner. However Direct Marketing Consumer cannot touch and feel the products before buying. The scope of expansion is limited in this kind of marketing. It has higher per person cost than other form of advertising. There is great scope for...
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