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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Eagles wing foundation was pondered the current state of technology that was far from normal commercial and nonprofit organization. Pathfinder Task force by Scott Lewis (founder of Eagles wing foundation) played an important role in identifying the extent of worst oil spill in the history of Gulf of Mexico by British petroleum deep water horizon oil rig. Software cobbled from 3rd party with cellular telephones display spill data and other information on headquarter maps on real time. Best practice commendations awarded to task force. Lewis and four key employee decided to invest net revenue gained from Gulf of Mexico into new application offering clean interface to the functionalities. Free version and paid version of software of the application. Software deployed into two different topologies command and control and social. Lewis shifted the volunteer fire service to disaster relief in 1999. Pathfinder task force started due to the initial crises of EWF. PTF volunteer paratroop battalion parachuted into enemy territory to guide the initial invasion force and act as “trip of spear” from other incoming units. PTF has participated in Hurricane Floyd, charley, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina and also deployed for Haiti earthquake, BP oil spill, japan earthquake, Tsunami, Mississippi floods, Georgia tornadoes. The principle activity of PTF was cataloging the extend of each disaster and identifying individuals and situations requiring immediate action. Frequently went to door to door to filling out the damaged reports and checking for survivors. Since all are paper based because of the technology failure due to disaster, during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, he handled 75,000 completed form to the incident commander and received a look of dismayed disbelief. So he went for the initial solution. Intital they involved in adapating commercial,mobile software developed for the purpose of managinf fleets of truck. The application has two components, a server (deployed on...
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