Eunice de Souza Convey Her Principle Concerns.

Topics: Poetry, Marriage, Rhyme Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 17, 2011

“The principal concerned of poets is either to explain themselves to the world or to explain the world to themselves” To what extent do you agree with this statement and how does Eunice De Souza convey her principle concerns.

Poetry is a complexed art; styles vary from poet to poet. Many poets, use poetry as a form of communicating to the world, what they truly feel, use instances that take place in their life to explain the world to themselves or to explain themselves to the world. One would think why poets use poetry as a form to express themselves, the reason being is they use figures of speech such as metaphors, personifications, alliterations to bring out emotion and the authors true feeling. Eunice De Souza does this in her poetry, she’s a modern poet, and she talks freely about her sexuality and sexual preferences, about her affairs and personal life. One could say that she goes against the Indian culture as Indians do not talk about these things so freely, hence people say that she’s very westernized.

In my opinion, I feel that Eunice De Souza uses poetry as a form to explain herself to the world. After reading through Eunice De Souza’s poetry, we get to know a lot about her and what she’s gone through in her life, we can use these instances to justify how she explains herself to the world through her poetry.

One of the main themes De Souza discusses in her poetry is the oppression of woman. She often feels that woman are manipulated by marriage, they’re married to ensure security and stability in their life. However after being married, in most cases the husbands end up not working, and sitting at home drinking away their lives. The women are the ones who end up having to work and provide for the family, and also take care of their children. She claims this is what most Goan women go through and therefore she mocks the whole idea of marriages. In the poem ‘Mrs Hermione Gonsalvez, De Souza mocks arranged marriages, “Just look at my parents,...
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