Eulogy of Piggy

Topics: Mind, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Piggy was a thinker, the smartest kid I’ve ever known. It’s ironic to think that of all the boys, I knew Piggy the most and I do not even know his real name. I hurt’s me to think that I did not realize Piggy’s intelligence until it was almost too late. When we first met I laughed at him and teased him. If I could go back to that first time we met I would have probably still laughed at his confession of being teased as Piggy, but I would still want to know his name. Unfortunately, I will probably never know his true name, and even if I do I will never be able to call him by it. All the time on the island I really took Piggy for granted, his thoughts, his opinions. In the back of my mind I thought they would always be there, how wrong I was to think. I remember that first day clearly, it was far before most of us had spiraled out of control. While we were still innocent and naive. Piggy had seen me and he was the first boy I met on the island. We walked along the beach and found the conch shell that soon came to symbolize our new found society. Piggy had to tell me how to use it because of his asthma. He was the only boy at school with asthma and specs. I guess Piggy was always different from everyone else. Using the conch as he told me I blew and thus a meeting was called, the first meeting. The meeting was anything but organized, yet there was Piggy taking people’s names, the only one smart enough to think of knowing how many of us there were. But even he didn’t get that far, I didn’t give him the chance too. Later on when we set a bunch of dead wood on fire using Piggy’s specs and when Piggy noticed one of the younger boys or litluns was missing, I acted uninterested though deep down I knew I had failed that boy as chief. Piggy cared though, he made sure we were all clear on that, maybe he felt guilty as it was his specs to light the flame. But whenever he had tried to make things heard he was always opposed, mainly by Jack and even myself at times. I think that...
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