Eulogy - Lady Ashley

Topics: English-language films, Life, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: March 6, 2012
I come before you today as a son mourning his adopted mother. I acknowledge that I am not the only one feeling this grief and pain for the loss of a beloved friend. Life will never be as coulourful as it was without our precious Sarah Ashley. It is truly a tragedy to have lost such a beautiful woman the way we did. Unfortunately she was taken from us earlier than we would have liked. But her cancer was too much for her to bear, and I'm glad that she is finally at rest after a life time of battles. But I still regret not knowing earlier. Maybe we would have all had a chance to say good-bye for our final times. However, whether here in person or not, today we have the chance to be able to pay our respects to our dearest one.

Sarah was a woman who strongly believed in change. She was a woman of integrity, compassion, charity and hope. Indeed we can all agree that she has shown this through her patience and time with me as a child. Not many people would believe it unless they where there, but Sarah was a strong willed person, with her determined mind she was able to drove 1500 head of cattle across the never never when I was only 7. Sarah single handedly brought the meat business back to life in the Northern Territory and still managed to raise me on her own after my mother died, well with a little help here and there from her favourite person, Drover. Unfortunately, our loved one has left us and she will be a significant loss to our family, friends and our community. She will be sorely missed by everyone that she ever came into close contact with.

Although most of us knew her as a stubborn woman, it was her personality that made it easy for her to turn not only her weaknesses, but all our weaknesses into strengths. Her strong minded persona lead her to greats within our town, she is a valuable asset to loose at such an unfortunate time of life. Lady Sarah Ashley, was in fact, the ultimate example of a someone who embraced change, she was my beacon of light...
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