Eulogy for My Father

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Eulogy for My Father
By: Michelle Raess
Type of Speech: Eulogy
Description: I am giving a eulogy speech at my father’s funeral at Leber Funeral Home in Union City, NJ. He just recently passed away at the age of 61 leaving behind his wife and three children. The cause of death was stomach cancer. General Purpose: To entertain

Specific Purpose: To entertain my audience at a funeral by honoring my father who has passed away. Central Idea: Together, let us remember what a wonderful man my father was. Introduction: Thank you everyone for being here tonight to honor and remember my father. My father was a brilliant man, a dedicated husband, and a wonderful father and mentor. Clarence Budington Kelland once said, “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.” My father lived his life with honor and respect. The way he lived his life was an excellent example to me. He taught me a lot about life, its struggles, and most importantly, how to survive and overcome the mayhem. It is hard to imagine what my life will be like without his guidance and support. Thesis statement: I’m going to tell you why my father, Michael Edward Raess, has left a positive impact on all of us. I. He was like the Tiger.

A. He was a fighter.
1. He fought for justice.
2. He fought for the wellbeing of others.
B. He was persistent and never gave up.
C. He knew how it was to grow up in a jungle.
1. You must fight in order to stay alive.
2. He fought till the day he died.
II. Mike was loving and open-minded.
A. He never cared what kind of person you were.
1. He didn’t care about race.
a. He didn’t care if you were White or Black.
b. He didn’t care if you were Latin.
2. He didn’t care if you were homeless.
3. He didn’t care about sexual preferences.
B. He didn’t know how to say NO.
C. He was always there for someone in need.
D. He saw the goodness in all people.
III. He was a very good father....
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