Eulogy Australian Rules

Topics: Question, Rhetorical techniques, Rhetorical question Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Aesthetic features
Imagery *
Metaphor *
Simile *
Irony (must do)
Motifs (repeated theme)*** Eg Dumby was my best friends and I will miss him Rhetorical question ** why has Dumby been taken from us?

Provide comfort, allow people to express grief.
Do not take people's grief and turn it into rage.
Negative impact on community
Acknowledgement and of situation
We are all the same people, loosing a life is not worth it

Saw pain and unfairness, injustice as a community
Differences in skin colour - does not matter, use their relationship

Spotter- potential taken away
Notes eulogy

Apologising for the white community's actions
Gary's father did not go to prison for shooting Dumby
Thanking community for allowing blackie to attend

Some thoughts for the eulogy

What you will miss (eg. Mucking around at the beach, talking about girls, sharing dreams. -that you will be lost.a
-that you are bewildered/shock/disbelief
-wonder how you will cope without him....
How any of us will..
-you are proud to have been his friend.
- you are sorry, you wish you could apologise for the town.
-you always took for granted that you'd have him as a long life friend.

Eulogy notes
Why have you decided to write and deliver the eulogy?
What do you know about the deceased?
What experiences have you shared?
How much affection do you have for Dumby?
What will you like to say to the deceased person if your words could be heard? Are you genuinely upset by Dumby's death?
What would I'd you be prepared to reveal in the public forum? What uplifting words of hope or. Consolation can you say to the mourners? What would be a suitable theme for your eulogy?
Do you underplay any of your beliefs out of respect to the mourners? Are there any groups among the mourners whose attitudes, beliefs and perceptions you agree with or have come to share? How do you want Dumby to be remembered?...
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