Eugenics in Star Trek

Topics: Human, Thought, World population Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The Argument for and against Eugenics
Eugenics is the applied science which advocates the use of practices armed at improving the genetic composition of a population, usually a monkey’s population, but in the story Star Trek Space Seed, it is practiced on the human population by a group of eccentric scientists. The humans that were produced from the selective breeding process had “five times the strength of a normal human being and five times the intellect”. This led to the Eugenics War which pitted the scientists and their creations against the human beings who believed this was wrong. Eugenics would be a good idea for many reasons. Four examples are the intellect increase, the strength increase, stabilized living, and less diseases. Eugenics is also a very bad idea. Four examples are the intellect increase, strength increase, increase in ambition, and superiority mindset. First, for advantages, a good example of an increase in intellect as a great benefit of Eugenics is the increase in technology. If we had five times the brain power we have, then we would be decades ahead of our technology and help cure diseases that we would think are incurable. Second, strength increase to deter future enemies, also it would help with specified laborers who need strength to pick heavy objects up, which would increase the workload and decrease the amount of time needed. Third, stabilized living results from how they would manage their finances or control the environment they are living in. Lastly, less diseases would result from the intellect increase which will help us to prevent horrendous chronic disease such as cancer and heart disease. Second, an example of why an increase in intellect is bad would be that some of the altered human beings (such as Khan) might go against everyone and start a war against the world as seen in the Eugenics war. Second the increase in strength would be bad because if one person gets mad at someone and cannot control his anger then he...
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