Eugene Schueller

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Eugene Schueller

By: Jaqueline Gastelum

Block 1- Hon. Chemistry

Mr. Velazquez

Today there is much advancement in the cosmetic world. There are also many scientist (that go back to the ancient Romans) that have invented and experimented with chemicals to produce what we know have today. Eugene Schueller is one of those chemists that helped advance the cosmetic industry. He also invented other products such as Sun block and the revolutionary L’Oreal cosmetic industry.

Eugene Schueller is a French chemist. There is not a lot of information about his life and where he grew up. Eugene Schueller graduated from France’s national chemical engineering school in 1904. In 1909, this young chemist founded the company L’Oreal. He had an amazing “entrepreneurial spirit”. Schueller began by selling his own formulated hair dye to the Persian Hairdressers. The next year after that, he convinced Paris hair stylist to use his hair dyes for a fashion show, with his determination and ambition he succeeded and earned publicity. Another bit of information that we know is that Schueller had a passion for chemistry always trying new ideas.

During the 1920s when the war was finally over, there was a new perspective changing in women. Women are now working, earning money and are getting more concerned about their appearance. They wanted to look younger, by covering gray hair. This was a great opportunity to the Oreal hair dyes (now they changed it to L’Oreal) to earn more money. This was a great success, it even started to spread to other countries such as Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, and even reaching the U.S, U.K, Canada and Brazil. During 1928 Schueller started to modernized and upgraded his products by improving qualities and redesigning his advertising methods.

In some point in time, people didn’t know how to advertise, but Eugene Schuler is a pioneer on this kind of advertising. Schueller had talent for advertising, using...
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