Eudora Welty a Worn Path

Topics: Eudora Welty, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Priscilla Quinteros
“A Worn Path”
Perseverance is a valuable trait in life, especially in this day and age. It is important to achieve your goals, your dreams and everything else that is worth striving for obstacles such as, racial prejudice wanting equality and condescending towards the poor that make perseverance even more necessary. In Eudora Welty’s short story “A Worn Path” an old women named Phoenix Jackson takes a long trip to get medicine for her grandson who is ill from his throat. She perseveres in this story; Welty also used imagery to show the battles she went through.

Welty uses the color black to show Phoenix Jackson obstacles are not just being poor it’s being black and poor “He ain’t scared of nobody. He a big black dog.” Phoenix relates herself and her race to the hunter’s big black dog she is basically saying she is not scared of anybody she shows her bravery and equality and to not be scared of danger or white people she is sticking up for herself. “Big dead trees, like black men with one arm, were standing in the purple stalks of the withered cotton field”. This shows the harsh times that Phoenix had to go through to become who she is today. The fact that the black men have one arm shows the idea of hardship, along with the withered cotton fields.

Welty also uses the white hunter pointing the gun at her as imagery when the hunter points the gun at her she doesn’t show any sign of fear, a normal person would react and show fear if a gum was facing them. For Phoenix is was nothing because after year of white people having them as slaves and treating them as if they were savages the African Americans learned how to deal with torture and being teased. "'Doesn't the gun scare you?' he said, still pointing it. No, sir I seen plenty go off closer by, in my day, and for less than what I done.'" Through these problems in her story, Welty shows racism, that African Americans must struggle to better their conditions. As Phoenix moves on with her...
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