Eu Aid to South Africa

Topics: AIDS, HIV, South Africa Pages: 20 (6446 words) Published: May 14, 2013
EU Aid to South Africa|
HIV/AIDS in South Africa|
This research is about the current HIV/AIDS situation in South Africa, and the involvement of the European Union in this issue. |

Ena Macic (11067365)
Jozua Dam (11034505)

Lecturer: Dave van Ginhoven
April 19, 2012
Executive summary
The aim of this research report is to inform about the spread of HIV/AIDS; how can the EU work better with South Africa to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS? It is known that the problem is quit big but during this research one comes to find that South Africa has the highest number of people infected than in any other country. The annual number of death nearly doubled over the time span of 10 years. There are several causes to the booming spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Firstly the lack of availability of prevention, which is mostly based on condom use, testing, counseling and education. Secondly, Mother To Child Transmission. Without any interventions, there is almost a 45% chance that an HIV-positive mother will pass the virus on to her child. Thirdly, the lack of medication which allows infected people to live longer and healthier. And lastly, the cultural differences which causes people to have multiple sexual partners increase the chance of infection. All this is related to one common problem: the lack of finances, South Africa simply does not have enough money to take care of these causes. To the question what the EU is doing to help and if it is working it is known that contributed over 900 million euros to South Africa. The European Union has raised and funded a lot of projects in South Africa. It is not working as well as it should because most HIV transmissions in Europe are from outside the family, while in South Africa it mostly occurs within families, like for example mother-to-child transmission. This causes a focus on the wrong risk group. So this is an important point of improvement, as well as more European volunteers which could help educate the citizens of South Africa.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary P.2 Introduction P. 3 Methods P. 4 Results P. 5 / 9 Analysis P. 10/12 Interview Transcript P. 13/18 References P. 19/21 Annotated bibliography P. 22/24 Reasoning Tree P. 25 Research plan P. 26/29 Group Work Declaration P. 30/31


Statistics show that the HIV/AIDS transmission rates are growing explosively in recent years. Every eight seconds, a person gets infected with this disease due to lack of knowledge of preconception. Babies get the virus from their mother. People shower after having unprotected sex because they think it would prevent them from getting infected. Families are destroyed. This issue needs to get attention, before the epidemic escalates. The European...
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