Etude de Cas Promethee

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Part 1: Analysis of the organization

1) Organization of the work.

a. Traditional teams.

b. Network teams.

2) Roles of managers

Part 2: Culture interaction in Promethee

1) Culture impacts business.

2) Organization culture vs. National culture.

3) Is working in a multicultural environment an advantage?

4) Conflicts in Promethee.

Part 3: Managing multicultural human resources

1) Implementing a multicultural Human Resources Strategy

2) Training adapted to context

3) Communication/Atmosphere



Nowadays, a lot of companies are multicultural and have to adopt a different management because of people who work together is coming from different country.

In this case “Promethee” is a firm which is one of the main worldwide providers of news, financial information and technological solutions. This company has today 200 offices in 130 countries, with people who work in 19 different languages. Of course, in that kind of enterprise, several services are working together with people who come from everywhere in the world and who all have different culture, but they have the same objective. In order to prevent conflict between different cultures, we are going to explain and understand in this study, the issues involved in the management of cultural differences and how to deal with them in order to improve management. In fact, by studying the several interviews with multicultural teams, the multicultural network team, and the human resources managers, we will have a method of observation and understanding of multicultural realities to answer to the problem.

At first, we are going to analysis the organization, by reports to the composition of the team and the role of the manager. The second part is about the enterprise culture of Promethee, and at last, we will explain the best practices for human resources in an intercultural enterprise like Promethee.

Part 1: Analysis of the organization

A. Traditional Teams

|ITW 1 – 2 – 3 Sales team working in the |
|company |
|Function |Sales team manager : Mr Jacques | |Number of employees / Nationalities |5 / American, Belgian, Natives of Luxembourg, French | |Communication |Informal | |Language |Write English, speak French | |Organization |Open & flexible | |Conflicts |No conflicts | |Culture |Many nationalities, many different culture ( stereotypes exists | | |All members of this team think the diversity is positive probably thanks commercial culture | | |facilitate relationship (for example they do sports together and the company organizes events for | | |the team) |

|ITW 4 – Engineering team working in Luxembourg|
|Function |Engineering / provide technical services to our clients | |Number of employees / Nationalities |15 (only men)/ French, Belgians, Natives of Luxembourg...
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