eTourism: eBusiness Concepts and Applications within the Tourism Industry

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Welcome to the Module

(updated 22/9/9)

Module co-ordinator Professor Andy Frew

Welcome to the eTourism module. This level 3 module is focused on eBusiness concepts and applications within the Tourism Industry (encompassing tourism, hospitality and travel). The module comprises 8 weeks of lectures and accompanying lab-based work/turorials. The module is assessed in two parts – first an essay and secondly a report – due in November and December respectively. The module will be supported through WebCT and students are expected to regularly login to the module area – check available material and participate in online discussion.

On WebCT the material on offer is structure in a number of ways:

On the Home Page – Contents Page you will find this Welcome document, the Module Descriptor, Scheme of Work and the Assignment information for the module.

On the Assessment Section you will be gradually presented with some online quizzes to assist your study of the material. Please note that this is not (despite the title) formally assessed in any way it is simply from time to time some material to support you.

The WebCT Assignment section will not be used and all assignments as at the time of writing will be submitted to the School drop box.

The Calendar section will contain hand-in and other critical date information related to the module. Chat is not formally used within the module, however there will be a series of online Discussion topics so do regularly check this section – and of course you can post your own thoughts here at any time.

The Learning Module section of WebCT is vitally important as it contains the week-by-week material, gradually released, as we progress through the module.

The only other section of WebCt in use for the module is the Weblinks section and you should again, regularly check in to see what has been added here to support the module – and indeed at any time make suggestions of what you...
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