Etma 01

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eTMA 01

The lodge Bistro Chain

Include a brief intro – for example, ‘this report seeks to identify the key problems facing BL… etc using session… from book 1

Part A: problems facing BL and reasons for them

Please see Figure 1 pg.2 where I provide a table summarising the weaknesses and threats currently facing your business. I have used a SWOT analysis to detail the most obvious weaknesses.

No clear direction for the company is the biggest weakness I have identified in the company. In an ever adapting environment with greater competition and a recession worsening the disposable income of the key customer demographic, the chain has not provided its local managers with key targets on where to take their stores. Some, newer managers have taken their stores in a different direction to long-standing managers leading to discontent amongst staff. A dated feel to the restaurants décor is another problem and a fresh look is something that will have to be considered. * Consider using bullet points

* Company has no clear direction
* Competition increasing
* Recession means less disposable income
* Discontent amongst staff – high turnover
* Dated décor
* Rival stores – serious competition
Threats to the future of the company include one rival chain with a similar store décor with over 100 stores (to the lodge bistro chain’s 24 stores), suffocating the chain in a growing and crowded market. Another threat I have identified is high staff levels of disenchantment brought on by a high staff turnover ratio, putting pressure on experienced members constantly bringing new recruits up to standard. 161 Figure 1: Weaknesses and potential threats identified in the Lodge Bistro Chain. | Marketing| Operations| Human resources| Finance|

Weaknesses| Restaurant concept appears Increasingly dated.No clear strategy aimed at targeting a new customer demographic. As the current customer base ages, spending lessens meaning decreased...
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