Etiquette for Chewing Gum

Topics: Chewing gum, Mastication, Digestion Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Two weekends ago, I was at a local church service enjoying hearing from a guest speaker who was visiting. He actually ran the Bible College my husband attended many years ago in California. While listening to the Pastor's awesome message, I kept hearing someone snap there from gum behind me, it had become quite distracting. I literally wrote the title for today's manners post in small letters on the back of my Sunday program so I'd remind myself to post about here later. (I actually got another post as the result of another woman's lack of manners at this same service if you can believe it), which I'll post here in the coming weeks. One thing is clear, people need to be re-taught manners and etiquette. While I sometimes hesitate on writing certain posts as to not offend you my reader, these messages need to get out because I just know someone will benefit from them which helps contribute to a better quality of society (at least that is my goal).

Aside from gum snappers and loud chewers, there are certain times when chewing gum is appropriate and times when it is not, so I wanted to address these aspects also. Let me just say though, if you're ever in doubt as to whether it might be okay, err on the side of caution and avoid it.

When Not to Chew Gum

1. At Work-Avoid chewing gum during any professional meetings, during church, at job interviews and in small classes or in any class where your participation is required or you'll be speaking. (I think it's a good thing that many schools don't allow it). You want to eliminate gum chewing in any working environment where you're in constant contact with customers or clients (this is common with sales jobs) and also advised for therapists, professors, teachers, counselors, professional speakers, instructors, trainers, singers, performers and of course clergy. Even Doctors, Dentists or Lawyers will have a more polished and professional appearance without the chomping of gum.

2. At Home-As it pertains to close...
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