Ethos Pathos and Logos in the Film Juno

Topics: English-language films, Rhetoric, Juno Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: June 14, 2012
The appeal to ethos, pathos and logos are used throughout the film “Juno.” The film starts with two young characters Paulie Bleeker and Juno Mac MacGuff. The film opens as young Juno and Paulie are beginning an informal relationship. Very soon Juno finds out she is pregnant. The movie follows Juno, Paulie and their family and friends through Junos pregnancy. The movies appeal to ethos is one of the first appeals used. The film uses this appeal to establish that despite the precarious situation the characters are morally sound people. One of the first exhibits of this is Junos maturity when she finds out she is pregnant. Juno handles this situation remarkably well. At first she confides in friends and attempts to consider all possibilities. She ultimately decides that adoption is the best choice. She summarizes that this will allow the child to have the best life possible. This theme is continued through other points in the movie as well. Pathos is also used extensively throughout the movie. The relationship between Paulie and Juno are an example of this. Both of these characters are portrayed as naive, young, lost souls. Their relationship between them develops between them because they have this in common. As the movie continues Juno constant worries, coupled with her dads sense of ironic wisdom develop the appeal even more. The viewer is often drawn to think about their own relationships at such a young age. Also to think about the close relationship between her and her father and what it represents. The viewer is even encouraged to accept the idea that this is a mistake, however we all make mistakes. This all plays on the viewers emotions. The appeal to Logos is used extensively throughout the movie. This film uses the appeal to logos to support one particular argument. The first argument is the idea that Paulie and Juno are responsible despite their mistake. Evidence of this can be seen through the actions of the Dad. In one particular scene Juno and her...
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