Ethnography on the Nazca Lines

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Ethnography on The Nazca Lines
During our visit to Ica Peru in December 2012, my wife, her family and I took a trip to the Nazca Lines in Nazca Peru, I was pretty excited because I've seen them on the history Chanel a few years back and I told my wife that we had to go see them when we go to Peru. Then she surprised me. Not only was I going to but I was going to take a plane to see them. Now this was amazing, keep in mind I'm not sure what I was expecting when I would go up in the plane. But I knew it would be a small plane. Let’s start with the trip to the Nazca city first.

We had woken up for breakfast. The food is amazing they cook with huge crock pots. I didn’t watch her mother cook but I wish I would have. They eat a lot of different types of food but that’s not the question I’m after at this specific time. The questions I wished to answer by the end of the day were who and how these lines have been made? How large were they? Why where they made?

We set off shortly after breakfast. Although we had a language barrier I had my wife also known as my translator to help me understand details about this trip. I learned that the official language of the Incan empire was Quechua but when Peru was conquered by Spain around 1500, it changed to Spanish. Quechua and Spanish were both spoken by my family in Peru, They were teaching me words and phrases throughout our stay in Peru and although I didn’t learn much I can say that Quechua was easier to pronounce than Spanish, I felt like a kid when anyone would talk to me, I honestly can’t wait to go back with more knowledge of their language. The trip to Nazca or anywhere in Peru is an experience. There are so many different small towns and cities to see and if you never thought that a desert could be beautiful you might want to go to Huacachina, located in Ica Peru and take a ride on a dune buggy, very fun and exciting but that’s for another time, we are going to Nazca today. The trip can be a bit boring when...
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