Ethnocentrism: Superiority over Other Cultures

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Pearlie Byrd-Lain
American InterContinental University
Unit 2IP/ Ethnocentrism

In this summary I will be discussing ethnocentrism and the beliefs of the value one puts on of their cultural beliefs.

I will begin with the definition of ethnocentrism and that is the belief that the values, symbols, and customs of one’s own culture are superior to those of another culture (Editorial 2012).
First let’s just start with what is culture are practices or beliefs that is passed down through generation to generation. Ethnocentrism is part of one’s culture. I have chosen the TV show Iron Chef America to show how ethnocentrism plays a part even in cooking.

There is a competition with the professional chef Mario Batali and a first time contender by the name of Des Jardins. This competition is like all the rest but I wasn’t looking so much at the meals being prepared, I was watching the exchanges going on with the chefs the announcer and the judges. They all have a different ethnical background and also are from a different culture.

The competition began with the type of foods that will be prepared into different courses. The chefs look at the food and began. Mario Batali is Italian and his pride is on the line because he is competing with a first time contender. Mario is not worried about the cooking but about the win. Then there is the first time contender trying to make a name for herself as a professional chef although she has cooked for some of the most famous restaurants in California she still had to prove that she can best Mario Batali.

Mario Batali specializes in Italian cooking and Des Jardins specializes in Frenc-california cooking. They were both raised in this cultural background from which they began their profession. Mario is a very proud Italian and it shows in the work in the kitchen. He shows Des respect and courtesy but he takes pride in the dishes being made. Des Jardin also has her pride in the...
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