Topics: Sales, Garage sale, Customer service Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Andrea Bennett
ADV 342 Sec 001
Assignment #2

On October 9th, 2012 I traveled to Holt Michigan to attend a 3-day garage sale. I found the ad on browsing the Lansing Area Garage Sale search. I’ve attached a picture of the ad for this particular garage sale at the end of this paper. The owner of the house, Pam and her sister Karen overlooked the sale held in Pam’s garage. They are a single-family home. We introduced ourselves at arrival and asked for permission to take pictures. They were very welcoming and friendly towards our arrival and told us we could do so. Initially they asked if we were looking for anything specific and chatted with us. Pam began to tell us the history to some of the items they had for sale and where they came from. Her deceased husband collected and sold old antique toy trains so she continues to collect and sell them in memory of him. I’ve attached a picture of the antique toy trains she had for sale at the end of this paper. They also talked about this large glass blowing collection her husband had purchased from a garage sale years ago that they were trying to sell for the first time at the garage sale. It was interesting to hear their stories and made their items mean a little bit more special to us. Lastly we learned that Pam and her family go to large garage sales year round collecting antique pieces to sell at theirs later in the summer. It is a tradition Pam and her husband did and her family continues to carry on the tradition. We heard Pam talking to other garage-salers about this story. My classmates and I think she finds comfort in holding these garage sales because it’s as if she connects with her husband this way. * Some of the items for sale at this garage sale where a set of hand blown glass animal pieces, antique jewelry, old antique toy trains, glass dishes, worn apparel, and old tapes and movies. I’ve attached some pictures of these sale items at the end of this paper....
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