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Essay on “Winning the lottery”
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Essay: “Winning the Lottery”

Outline Of Essay:

* Introduction.
* Winning the lottery is a thrilling to do.
* Positive effects of winning the lottery.
* Negative effects of winning the lottery.
* Lottery, Really Too Good to Be True
* What Would Happen If I Won the Lotto?
* Dangers of winning the lottery.
* Conclusion.

“ Winning The Lottery”
“Winning the lottery” is a thrilling thing to do. It can be good, bad, and ugly. If you haven’t had to deal with a lot of money, this is a whole new experience.
Winning or earning a substantial amount of money shouldn't only be used in luxury or having a high lifestyle. In the downfall of our long lasting recession that has lasted quite a while, really ought to be thought about considerably. So, for the lottery to even exist could be life changing to many people if anyone ever won.

“Money literally does grow on trees, but not exactly the way we wish it to.”
Winning the lottery is good for several reasons. You feel free from any financial obligations , you can help out your relatives, give to charities, or just sit on it. That is a feeling that very few people get to feel.

Negative Effects Of Winning The Lottery:
Winning the lottery is something everyone wants. Rarely do people realize that there are also bad effects to having such a large sum of money. * A good amount of people that win the lottery are foolish with their money, quit their jobs, or just don’t know what to do with it. * The others that win make smart decisions in either investing their fortune, donating it to a good cause, or just helping...
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