Ethnicity and Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Stereotype, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 5 (1468 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Final Project
Graciela Nava

Final Project 2
Over the course of the class, I learned and understood new terms associated with ethnicity and forms of discrimination. In week one table 1, my answers were inaccurate and at random because of the lack of knowledge. After retaking the survey my answers were mostly correct 9 out of ten were right. This is because all the projects and assignments completed in past days, allowing us to learn about genocide, immigration, faith motivated hate crimes, religious groups, stereotypes and misconceptions. One of the biggest misconceptions that people face on a daily basis is the official language of the land. Some of the elderly keep the conception of white man rule the land and those who do not belong to that group have to adhere to their rules. They also make statements, such as, “speak English this is America”. There is no dought English is an important language to know, but there are also others that come with immigrants from different parts of the world.

During the Interview with Hector Garcia, he was able to express his ideas on diversity. The result of the interview help me analyze how others ideas as similar as well as different in some aspects. The United States has been facing many obstacles because of diversity. The differences in people which make one person differentiate from another create difficult circumstances because of the lack of understanding among them. As Mr. Garcia stated everyone should get along, and there should not be any obstacles because an Indian fails to understand an English man. Another example of a challenge would be the result of the war in Iraq. Because of the attack, people became defensive and started to classify every person as the enemy as long as it fit the description. Many have been discriminated against and even gotten hurt because of the level of prejudice. There are also benefits to a diverse society not only problems. Final Project 3 Diverse people working together as well as minority groups support the economy of the United States. In this matter both Mr. Garcia and I “There is a link between economic diversity and sustainability, and economic diversification can reduce a nation’s economic volatility and increase its real activity performance. Furthermore, there are metrics that policymakers can use to measure these key economic dimensions and ways that they can promote their nation’s long-term economic health and stability” (Booz & Company, 2012). The media has also been involved in the stereotyping and as well as influencing racism. Stereotyping is one very common and effective way in which racism is perpetuated. In occasions the media show mostly crimes committed by those of other races and ethnicity compared to whites. This increases the prejudice against those groups and creates more hate crimes. In contrast, media also nurtures appreciation for diversity. First, tolerance of diversity is encouraged by introducing us to the different types of people we may not see on a daily basis and then we are led to a greater appreciation through learning about diverse cultures. One example of this is during Halloween and the Mexican holiday “El dia de los muertos”. Both have similar meanings but different ways to represent themselves, and by been advertised through media people can learn something new from their own and others cultures. Getting to know other customs allow individuals to work together and have a better communication while interacting with every person. If every person would come into contact with a different human being and understand their beliefs as well as respect them, racism could be reduced. As Martin Luther King Jr. said “Now, I...
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