Ethnical Consideration

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Graded Project - Thinking Critically About Ethics

SCENARIO - Involving new hire paralegal Carl and the law firm Dewey, Dewey and Howe.


The Violation committed by the attorney on that day was ABA Model Rule 1.3 Diligence and Promptness for lawyers--this occurred in the manner that the lawyer did not act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client, as the lawyer was not even present or aware of the case in that matter.

The Violations committed by the paralegal on that day are; The Paralegal failed to present Him/Herself with the right title of his/her position; The Paralegal failed to inform the Attorney of the dishonest and Fraudulent acts being committed by the client assisted on the case. The paralegal gave the client advice to which the paralegal should not at any matter give advice to client. The Paralegal Quoted the price of the fee to the client without getting authorization from the attorney to do so.

The ABA Model rules that were violated were : ABA Model Rule 1.5(c),Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients Rule 4.1 Truthfulness In Statements To Others.

The NFPA Ethical Considerations not followed by the paralegal were- EC-1.7(c) , EC-1.2(f) and EC-1.8(a)-this was EC was violated by the paralegal giving the client advice regarding the alimony mentioned during the meet Carl had with the client.


The violations committed on Tuesday were done by the paralegal. The paralegal avoided the income issue that persists with the client, as the client indicated she makes money on the side that her ex-husband is not aware of. Carl avoided the issue by not bringing it up to the Attorney. Carl the Paralegal violated the ethical rules of confidentiality by giving out personal information over the phone with the client, while a third party or another client was present in the room in which the call was taking place. The paralegal again filed to inform attorney of the changes of information...
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