Ethnic Relation in Plural Society

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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D.E.E.P Method: Description, Emotion, Evaluation, Prescription (please answer in point form) |Description: |Emotion: | |What do you see and hear in the video? |What do you feel while/after watching the video? | | | | |The ongoing hatred and massacre between the religion of Muslim and Christian held|The strong belief in our religion that could tear a community apart | |in Nigeria |Our country , Malaysia lacks the enthusiasm of uniting and peace between races | |The citizens of North Nigeria suffer along as the conflict between the two |The heart-warming feeling to see how joining force could bring to the people and | |religions gradually becoming intense even when they are standing equal. |society to make it a better place filled with love and peace | |The leader of Christian religion , Pastor Wuye and the leader of Muslim religion |The disappointment to see that this is what Malaysia is facing and no improvement| |, Imam Ashafa |is made yet. | |saw each other’s good deep within when Pastor’s mother fell ill and Imam went to |The cruelty made by religion conflicts caused their men to sacrifice under their | |visit her with his fellow friends. |intolerance and dishonest. | |The enthusiasm and keen to protect their...
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