Ethnic Group Conflict Sudan

Topics: Sudan, Africa, Islam Pages: 5 (1539 words) Published: August 6, 2010
Ethnic Group Conflict Sudan
William Hall
Cross Cultural Psychology/PSY450
April 11, 2010
Professor Anne Vagras-Leveriza, M.S.

Ethnic Group Conflict Sudan
The social conflict current to the Sudan is traceable to the start of the Christian era at which time the Sudan exist as a collection of independent kingdoms often as small principalities in the geographic location of Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea. In Sudan two distinct major cultures exists viewing the Arab’s, and Black African’s within the two dives are hundreds of ethnic and tribal groups creating multiple language groups effectively making collaboration between each culture a major problem. The divide separating Sudan exists in the Northern and Southern regions of the country the North consists of the majority of the 22 million Sudanese the Arabic speaking Muslims. The Southern region contains around 6 million Sudanese mainly the Black African tribes living in the rural and economically underdeveloped region of the country refer as the indigenous traditional beliefs albeit an influence of the Christian missionaries attaches the Christian faith to the South (Global Security, 2010). The civil wars of Sudan began after the country gain independents in 1956 from a proclaimed condominium under a British and Egyptian administration. However, under an Egyptian “occupation” during most of the 19th century Egypt never establish any form of effective control in the Southern regions of Sudan a result of the fragmentations of the indigenous African tribes and effectively the same conditions exists in the current conflict for the same reasons today (Global Security, 2010). Social Conformity of the Northern Region

The application of social conformity to the northern regions must describe and explain the characteristics of the social lives of individuals within a society. The reason for conformity is the most obvious the manifestation of social control education, religion, law, and government which create patterns of behavior that govern the norms that limits each class relative to other classes. The National Congress Party with roots that reach back into Egypt in the 1940s, the being of the National Islamic Front originating from the Muslim Brotherhood a student group that constructs organization within student groups from the major universities during the 1940s. The expansion of the Islam Nation dictates that Islam should be the ruling government and impose Islamic law or rule over the nations the religion gains access into assimilating the members of each society into the Nation of Islam thereby the non-assimilation creates conflict with Islam (Global Security, 2010). Military regimes that favor Islamic governments have held domination over the people of Sudan since independence of the British government in 1956. The conflicts roots began with the Northern economic, political, and social domination of the non-Muslim, non-Arab Southern regions of Sudan. The North traditionally with held development of the Southern region of Sudan basing ideology on lack of historical control of the indigenous Black African population relative to the Christian faith and Western influences attaching the North’s perceptions of the social ills of the South to the perception of opposition from the Western World and its Faith (Global Security, 2010). Social Conformity of the Southern Region

The Southern regions of the Sudan consisting of multiple indigenous Black African tribes and principalities perceptions lie with the natural world the genesis of sociology states that conformity and stability is the assumption of order in nature and the ability to explain, describe, and discover the order characteristic of the social life within a society. In the indigenous Southern region the multiple tribes base human history on the natural cycles or rhythms of moving through time a spiritual connection of the land and of the people....
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