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Ethnic Foods

By | November 2012
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Ethnic Food Paper
I’m very open to all kinds of ethnic foods and will try almost anything that is edible. My choice in cuisine food is Peruvian from El Pollo Inka. They have a few locations in California, Gardena, Torrance, Lawndale, and Hermosa Beach. I went to the Gardena location which is just off the end of the 91 freeway which is about 20 minutes from Long Beach. The restaurant has a reasonable sized menu and even affordable which is good for the college student’s budget. The environment is very different from most other restaurants but it can be because of the day and time I went. When I go to restaurants I really have about three different categories that I rate a place to make me go back: what kind of environment the restaurant gives off, is the service good, and how good the food is.

First off when my friends and I entered the restaurant, there was loud music and I believe salsa dancing on one side of the building and tables to eat on the other. We went on a Friday night which I believe this event happens every week. The environment is very high energy and seemed very fun for people of all ages and ethnicity. I’m not sure if every Peruvian restaurant is like this but it is a great way to get customers in and keep them coming back. El Pollo Inka is definitely different from Japanese restaurants by a long shot. My typical Japanese experience is having a quiet dinner with maybe some music in the background which is like almost every Japanese restaurant out there. When I go out to eat Japanese food it is mainly with family or friends, but if I wanted to take someone out on a date, this Peruvian restaurant is definitely the place to go. When I walked into El Pollo Inka, I just wanted to go on the dance floor and dance. So out of my three categories, the first is how the environment is and obviously it’s great.

Next is how they treated us and the service that was given. When we first walked in, we are greeted by the hostess which is always a...

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