Ethnic Consumer Consulting

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Social class Pages: 6 (1638 words) Published: September 14, 2012
Problem Statement The main problem in this case is the different cultural values among different classes of people like middle and upper class and the challenge is to differentiate brands on the basis of the culture among both social classes. Analysis This case is about the Indian products related to the cultural values and the advertisements of such products which influence the culture of the people of specific area. In this case, the target market is Indian market and the products are Fair & lovely, Fair ever cream, parachute hair oil. These are the products which are very familiar in Indian market. In this case there is a research on different type of social classes which are targeted by the advertisement of these products. These advertisements influence the purchasing behavior of consumers by affecting their cultural values. Fair & Lovely, Fair ever and advertising with cultural norms Many different companies try their best to advertise their product or service to attract potential customers. They use different strategies by emphasizing that by using their specific product or service their customer life will be better or even change. In comparison, marketers show how unhappy people would be without their products or service. Fair & Lovely, a branded product of Hindustan Lever, LTD (HLL) touted a cosmetic cream that supposedly lightens the skin ³the miracle workers.´ This product is popular in many Asian countries such as India. Skin color is important in India and many other Asian countries, where lighter skin color represents a higher status. In those countries, fair skin is associated with positive values that relate to class and beauty. While many Europeans and Americans try their best to gets their skin darker using tanning salons and self-tan creams. Some customers are attracted to that kind of advertisement, but often those products or services fail to bring the happiness that is promised. Advertisement such as this are used to manipulate the minds of consumers by showing the potential customers how it would change their life after the purchase. It is important to marketers and consumers alike to advertise the product itself and not the consequence of using that specific product or service. In India there is a large demand for cosmetic products. Total Indian beauty and cosmetic market size currently stands at U.S. $950 million and showing growth between 15-20 percent per 1 08108058

year. The overall beauty and wellness market that includes beauty services stands at about $2,680 million. Therefore we can imagine how people are attracting towards these advertisements, especially middle class because these advertisements set to their cultures. The Interaction of culture and consumer behavior Exhibit 1 depicts a model of the mutual influence of culture and consumer behavior. The cultural value system is based on the values of individuals and further based on rituals. Rituals play important role in the whole culture. An individual's behavior is a result of that individual's cultural value system for a particular context. Individuals' cultural value systems are developed over time as they are socialized into a particular group. Societal culture as well as regional subculture and familial values all influence the formation of an individual's cultural value system. Thus, the cultural value system includes cultural elements that individuals have in common with the group to which they belong. As the model suggests, culture affects consumer behavior, which itself may reinforce the manifestations of culture. An individual's consumption behavior may be viewed and imitated or rejected. At the same time, marketing communications may also affect a culture's manifestations through advertising by others. It can then become the group's norm of behavior and be identified as part of the culture of a given population. Impact of cultural values on social classes ( Upper class & Middle Class ) Fairness Creams In the case of fairness...
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