Ethnic Conflict in Karachi- from Past to Present -1

Topics: Pakistan, Partition of India, Punjab Pages: 4 (1843 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Partition of India and migration has left long term effects, challenges and issues which are mostly overlooked by intelligentsia and opinion makers in both India and Pakistan which in turn has impacted conventional wisdom and formed many misconceptions. Many past and present issues for example Khalistan, Kashmir or Karachi (K seems to be the lucky letter here) cannot be understood rather can easily be misunderstood without a rational and analytical approach towards events around Partition. For many especially those with pre defined agendas, easiest way out is to reach conclusions first and then create theories or myths to suit themselves. Unfortunately it is always easy to fall for emotional and rhetorical outburst. Second choice is to keep on pondering into research which is inviting us to rethink partition and migration; this may help us overcoming many of present biases and have not only a sympathetic but a conciliatory, problem solving attitude. History is not a static process, so as social, political or economical progress. Hardline and fascist attitudes are based on ignorance and especially on distortion of history, and only a rational and open attitude can change path of hatred, disputes and ridiculousness.

There are various opinions in historiography (1) on why was India partitioned, these were not only factors such as identity or religion which conserved into two nation theory but others such as economic backwardness of Muslims in various regions as compared to Hindus and uneven socio-economic development in different communities, challenges to cultural norms and values of Muslim, threats to the existence of nobility and feudal class posed by a progressive, democratic , class conscious Hindu majority or interests of salaried middle class of Muslims which has a dominant voice, British moves to provoke divisions and communal differences like separate electorate system (2), Reservations of Congress in giving concessions to Muslim and ideal of forming a...
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