Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities in the Workplace

Topics: African American, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 9 (3406 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Crystal Cramer
HS5304 Ethnic and Linguistic minorities in the Workplace
August 26, 2010
DR. C. Jackie Jackson

This paper will explore diversity of African Americans in the workplace. It is of personal belief that individuals in the African Americans race have faced many challenges over the years and that they continue to face many issues with diversity in the workplace. This paper will explore African Americans in the present time as well as diversity issues that they face in the workplace. The paper will further explore thoughts and ideas on best practices that will improve the diversity issues that African Americans face. History books reveal the trails and persistence that the African Americans have gone through to be acknowledged and accepted in the United States. Over the years African Americans have acknowledge and accepted the United States, by overcoming slavery and the civil right movement. Yet , African Americans still appear to struggle in the workplace. When we look at what diversity is in the workplace a couple thoughts come to mind. Diversity is when we look at others who have the human traits that are different from our own. The differences we could see in the workplace is nationality, religion, disabilities, job title, physical appearance, race, gender, age, educational background, sexual orientation, job experiences, income, and family status (Sadiku, Obiomon, n.d.). Some of the concerns with workplace diversity include a hesitancy from management to participate in, employment, and employee training. First, for diversity to be successfully implemented, the proposal must be approved by the company’s board of directors. Without management completely participating the strategies for diversity are not existent. Second, the human resources department needs to setup policies and procedures that are related to employing and training employees. Thirdly, diversity strives best when it’s about the customers. We also see in the workplace what is defined as diversity tourism. Diversity tourism pretty much means that you acknowledge that there is diversity in the workplace but you put a limit on the interaction with the diversity. It’s like taking a tour bus through New York City but not getting off to interact with others. However there is a flaw to Diversity tourism in the workplace. The flaws would be as followed; valuable lessons not learned, and do not develop empathy for others ( “Diversity consciousness can be defined as the ongoing process of identifying, contacting, and integrating “foreign” or different parts of self and others. This can happen as in the above examples where an individual or group finds a part, an “other,” and initially marginalizes it but then integrates it. Diversity consciousness, again, also implies an attitude that seeks greater wholeness by welcoming and integrating diverse elements and people. This consciousness does so by integrating elements that initially appear as an “other” but are then discovered to be part of it (” The Glass Ceiling Commission found three major individual barriers for African Americans: The first was subtle racism and prejudice; the second was managing duality and bicultural stress; and lastly tokenism and presumed incompetence. It has been stated that racism is the most dangerous and persistent obstacles with the strongest repercussion for groups and organizations. Mary C. King, author of "Occupational Segregation by Race and Sex, 1940-88" says, "That is a myth to believe that companies are colored blind, that in all reality discrimination is ever so present in the workplace." The specific racism being spoken about is a faint form of racism. Unlike overt prejudice and absolute racial aggression, subtle racism is kept deep inside someone. This type of racism can cause more psychological damage to the victim because of the manner it’s presented."...
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