Ethiopian Woman's Rights

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In the societal structure of Ethiopia that the women have grown so accustomed to, the culture is now key in determining women's roles. Ethiopian women are actively going through hardship in the experience of their life. They have lagged behind men and have been restricted from being free from social, economic and political rules and regulations. Even the civil code of the country confirmed women's inferior position.

In the faithful attempt of trying to even the rights of women, the Women in Development group sought to assist the women of Ethiopia by implementing the National Policy on Women. The terms of this policy aim to create appropriate structures within government offices and institutions to establish equitable and gender-sensistive public policies. Among other attempts, Meaza Ashenafi was one of the privileged women of Ethiopia in the Ethiopian Women Lawyer Association, that stood up for what she believed in and put forth practices for over 300 women to undergo paralegal training for basic Ethiopian law. Her idea is to empower women and allow them to use the information for themselves to be able to speak and defend and fight for equality. She envisioned more educated women, which was also the goal of the Revolutionary Ethiopia Women's association, in advocacy of actively educating women.

Ethiopia also takes on a physical heavy toll on women and even the children residing in the rural areas which is over 85%, where it is labor intensive. As far as their future can go, there are priorities that can be subdued in the country to improve women's lifestyle in Ethiopia. Realistic steps such as improving the level of income by facilitating opportunities and woman-friendly conditions could benefit, women in some economic sectors sum up a larger workforce than men but since their participation is not valued, they have not received their fair share of the nation's wealth. It's essential and practical to improve the health and nutrition of mothers and...
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