Ethics Training Program

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Ethics training program
Ethic environment is the heart of corporate culture. That is why today more and more companies starts to provide and ethical training programs to employee rather than just f=giving them existing policies. Sometimes, job training even starts with ethics training and actual skill training becomes the second step. To cooperate with challenges provided by modern company profile: ex. cultural diversity, empowerment, wide span of control, departmentation etc.; human recourses department should create a proper ethic training program covering all important issues. For this purpose, the Human Recourses manager can use the following example ethic training program as a guideline. Training program

Step 1 – Definition: Explain ethics to employees in a simple manner * Ethics are moral values which affect personal or professional actions. * They are more than a set of rules. Ethics are knowing how to apply the rules and having the strength of character to behave in an ethical manner. Step 2 – Principles: explain the principles of ethical behavior * Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

* Individuals should act in ways that are fair and just to all * Respect colleges, seniors, subordinates and public
* Follow the law of the country
Step 3 – Guidelines: Draw the guidelines for ethical behavior * Follow policies and procedures established by the company * Be competent and exercise due professional care
* Promote ethical behavior among colleges
* Follow key Standards: Integrity, confidentiality, commitment, competence Step 4 – Benefits: Explain the benefits of ethical behavior *
* Peace of mind
* Pride
* Good reputation
* Trust
* Ensure policies are legal
* Improve society
* Maintain a moral course in difficult times
* Develop strong teamwork and productivity

Step 5 – Explain the code of conduct
* Acceptance of gifts – Do not accept any gift even from...
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