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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Homosexuality and the Evolving World

When we as creatures of superior intellect and morality are presented with a conflict of interest, we turn to sophisticated ethical arguments between each other for the pursuit of truth and validity. In an article entitled “Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex? A Defense of Homosexuality”, John Corvino constitutes a very powerful argument for homosexual matrimony. In what seems to be a statement to trump all rebuttals against the gay lifestyle, Corvino successfully laments on four of the “most popular kinds of arguments that seek to establish the immorality of homosexuality” (Landau 237). However, since this is an ethical argument that he is making, the opinions of all parties should be adhered, including mine. I as an individual and an American believe that every person has a right to marriage, including gays and lesbians. Although I make this claim and have no good reason to think homosexual sex is wrong because of the prevalence of gay and lesbian couples today, my environment growing up and my upbringing has had no homosexual influence or involvement. Therefore, I find homosexuality strange and unnatural. This is a serious issue to keep in mind while commenting on Corvino’s compelling narrative of homosexual partnership.

To touch upon what Corvino has stated very briefly, he rejects many types of arguments, the first being how homosexuality is unnatural which leads to its immorality. Corvino defines the terms “natural” and “unnatural” not as what is the norm and what isn’t. Saying that, would mean that if you “…read Sanskrit, pilot ships, play the mandolin, breed goats, or write with both hands…” (239), you are not committing an immoral act, just an unnatural one. In this case, and in many others in Corvino’s article, he is always technically speaking; a technique that philosophers and lawyers often use to convey a point “legally”. Corvino speaks to the everyday man’s hypocritical statements in which someone would...
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