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Topics: Tort, Contract, Contract law Pages: 32 (9884 words) Published: April 6, 2013
1. Profession: A self-selective, self-disciplined group of individuals who hold themselves out to the public as possessing a special skill derived from training and education and are prepared to exercise that skill in the interests of others 2. Professional Engineering: any act of designing, composing, evaluating, advising, reporting, directing or supervising wherein the safeguarding of life, health, property or public welfare and that requires the application of engineering principles. (DCEARDS) 3. All Acts contain at least this:

a. Purpose of the Act
b. Legal definition of an engineer
c. Procedure of establishing the Association
d. Standards for admission
e. Procedures for establishing regulations
f. Procedures for establishing bylaws to govern the Association g. Code of Ethics
h. Disciplinary procedures
4. PEO:
a. Who: any licensed member
b. Why: its principle object is to regulate the pope (profession of professional engineering) and govern its members so that the public interest may be served and protected c. Additional Objectives:

EMDS (establish, maintain & develop standards) of knowledge & skills among members EMDS of qualification and practice for the profession of engineering EMDS of professional ethics
Promote public awareness of APEO
To perform other duties as specified
d. Five Regions:
Western (west of TO, P Credit, Niagara)
West Central (west TO to Algoma)
East Central (east TO to “, Peterborough)
Eastern (Peterborough east)
Northern (Algoma, Manitoulin North and West)
e. Composition: 18 members
3 elected at large, 2 from each of the 5 regions)
2 elected by Members as P-E and a VP
3 more, president, vice-president (from council or at general meeting), past-pres. 5. POPE: (same as professional engineering) + but does not include practicing as a natural scientist

Must be a PEng + COA to perform POPE
a. PEng Seal:
Issued by Provincial Association
Must sign, date and affix the seal
b. Certificate of Authorization (COA): is acquired by the Corporation which Identifies the P.Eng who is responsible for the work AND
Obtains liability insurance

6. Council:
a. Governing body of PEO
b. Shall manage and administer its affairs
c. Council appoints CEO and Registrar (Roger Barker) and Deputy Registrars d. Also a secretary general
7. Major Committees:
9. Membership; a natural person who:
10. Grey Areas: Teaching, Sales and marketing, Military service, Project management, Operations and maintenance, Computer engineering, Software engineering 11. Professional Misconduct:
a. Negligence (“ an act or omission in the carrying out of the work of a practitioner that constitutes a failure to maintain the standards that a reasonable and prudent practitioner would maintain in the circumstances”) b. Failure to make reasonable provision for the safeguarding of life or property of a person who may be affected by the work c. Failure to act to correct or report a situation that the practitioner believes may endanger the safety or welfare of the public d. Failure to make reasonable provisions for complying with applicable statutes, regulations, standards, codes, by-laws and rules in the work e. Signing (sealing) a report, final drawing, specification, plan or other document not actually prepared by the practitioner f. Failure to present clearly to the employer, consequences to be expected from a deviation proposed in the work, if he is overruled by a non-technical authority where he is the technical authority g. Breach of the Act, other than an act that is solely a breach of the code of ethics h. Undertaking work that he is not competent to perform by virtue of his training and experience i. Failure to make prompt, voluntary and complete disclosure of any conflict of interest to the public, employer or client accepting compensation in any form for a service from more than one party submitting a tender or acting as a...
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