Ethics Reflections Paper

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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Ethics Reflection Paper
Nadine C. Brown
STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation
University of Phoenix
Jose L. Hernandez, MBA
November 15, 2010

Ethics Reflection Paper
During this age of philosophy in which people exercise their freedom of speech and is concerned with their personal development, it becomes a challenge to remain ethical while considering one’s social responsibilities. People are striving to become more successful without being dishonest or disrespectful. With more emphasis on moral and ethical issues, equality and fair trade, “businesses are under pressure to be fair and ethical to satisfy not only government standards, but also consumers, and additionally, to attract more discerning employees” (Hughes, 2010, p. 1). Many factors can affect one’s ethical decision-making process. For example, one’s own values and ideology about right and wrong can make one doubt one’s own beliefs if the outcome is unfavorable. The interaction with family and friends can greatly influence decision-making because of the emotions involved. One can experience conflict with socialization in the community when it goes against one’s religious beliefs. In addition, businesses want to be successful and honest while competing in a struggling economy. Conflict can exist with one’s own values and ethics. Organizations want to remain competitive but also practice honesty with consumers and stakeholders who want to receive a return on their investment. To ensure employees remain ethically aware of the company’s values, obligations to customers, society and stakeholders, organizations should develop a code of ethics and incorporate its principles in its strategic plan. The Importance of Ethics in an Organization

A code of ethics incorporated in the strategic plan is especially important for leaders. When leaders make decisions, they must consider the impact their decisions will have on others. “Leaders are often put in decisions where they must choose among...
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