Ethics Reflection Paper

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  • Published : September 16, 2010
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Ethics Reflection Paper
Lourdes Munoz
STR/581 Strategic Planning & Implementation
September 2nd, 2010
Gary Solomon

Ethics and Social responsibility resides in an important set of our own personal values. When it comes to Business matter and operation the customer must feel confidence and this has been taken for granted several times on recent corporate scandals and collapses, a perfect example of missed conducted ethic and responsibility is Enron. Is extremely important for companies to incorporate ethics and responsibilities to their strategic planning. Strategic planning using ethics and responsibility corresponds to company who are engaged with customer face to face or their involvement is not physical or direct, developing a relationship with their clients. On this paper analyzes the ethics and social responsibility, how these applies to a company stakeholders and strategy planning. The paper will also develop on the perspective and evolvement of personal ethics throughout the master degree.

The Role Of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning
In order to be successful, companies must contemplate on what ethics and social responsibility may the business should take critical part. On the strategic planning the ethical responsibility and social responsibility must imply profit decisions to receive a maximum benefits in other words is a success if these roles are incorporated. Within the business perspective, businesses are likely to have high-quality ethical values and act of socially responsibility. Ethics is not just talking about the right thing is actually doing what is right.

The Role of Ethics
The values of ethics reinforce the companies mission, visions and goals building a direction and a framework. The ethics of a company can be use as a guideline to create a truss to the entire organization into one general loop, managing the action of the organizations employees, and avoiding differences the strategic...
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