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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Hmrl 1010Zach Harrison
Feb 11, 2013

Reflection paper Five

After taking the questionnaire there was a lot of those questions that stood out to me. Is it right to take home office supplies, pens, paper etc. I’ve been guilty of leaving with work with a pen almost on a daily basis, do I think it’s ethically wrong to do so; no however it’d be a different story if I took a stapler or an office printer that’s stealing. I know some would argue and think that taking a pen is stealing but most companies have cup of them for advertisement purposes. The second question that stood out to me was question one, is it right to conduct personal business on company time? Absolutely not, I used to have a manager that would leave constantly to go to his lawyers office, it was an every other day thing. Most businesses give you an hour lunch and 15 minute breaks , with those breaks a person can conduct as much personal business as they want , bottom line is you’re at work to work not do all your personal things. Is it right for management to pay for an extravagant event to a major account? I had an instance a few years ago, a company I was with dealt with nothing but commercial accounts and we were given permission to do whatever we had to do to please these accounts. We had a major competitor that would take one of our accounts out of town to a big car race; we couldn’t compete with that because we didn’t have the funds to do so. I believe that it is and it isn’t okay to do this, if you’re a big enough business and you have the funds to do so than by all means do it, but if your one of the little guys I think taking an account out to lunch says just as much as taking them to a huge car race in a different state.
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