Ethics Reflection Paper

Topics: Ethics, Strategic management, Business ethics Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Ethics Reflection Paper

Tiffany Cunningham

University of Phoenix


October 29, 2012

Terry Norris

Ethics Reflection Paper

In everyday life whether it is in the workplace or personal life, people have a certain level of ethics that is expected. The following paper will explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan. It will also consider the stakeholder needs. The paper will also explain how my ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program.

Explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan, considering stakeholder needs.
The role of ethics and social responsibility has advanced in personal lives as well as in the work place. After completing the William's Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory, it was determined that my ethical profile aligns more with my beliefs. I believe there is good in most everyone and making the right decision comes from within. Doing the right thing, ethically, is something that is instilled in us from the beginning. There must be a willingness to make the right choice. In other words, according to the awareness inventory, good people do good actions.

When developing a strategic plan, stakeholders depend on employees and business owners to make the right decision. Stakeholders are those who have a stake in the company. They can be customers, employees, and anyone who may be directly affected by a decision made by the company. Making the right and/or wrong decision will affect many people. This is why the role of ethics is so important.

Explain how your ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program.
My ethical perspective has taken on a whole new outlook since the beginning of my journey here at the University of Phoenix. At the beginning, I felt as though my advancement in my personal and working environment was based on my personal feelings about certain situations. I...
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