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  • Published: October 18, 2010
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Individual Assignment
Statement of Personal Ethics
Alex Londono
William Gibbson
University of Phoenix

Individual Assignment Personal Ethics Paper
The following assignment is part of the requirements for IT Organizational Behavior (CMGT/530). This Statement of personal ethics is part of the required coursework needed to complete the program for a Master’s degree in Information Systems at University of Phoenix. For this assignment we have been requested to write a statement of personal ethics that will be followed during the course of the master’s program at University of Phoenix. The creation of this personal statement on ethics will help maintain focus on ethics that can be applied on the day to day activities. Personal ethics comes down to each individual’s choice to live their lives according to their own personal believes and values. A strong education is something I believe is the key to that opens the door to many opportunities. Education is a priority. It is something I value tremendously. Progress is the reason I came back to University of Phoenix to pursue a Master’s in Business Information Technology. A Master’s Degree will provide me with the opportunity to advance. It is understood that to accomplish my goal, which is to obtain my Master’s degree I need to set some high standards starting with a clear understanding of what personal ethics are and how personal ethics affect our decisions in the workplace, school and personal relationships. Before reading the material for week two I had a very vague concept of ethics and the way that I had applied personal ethics in my personal life, at school and, in the workplace. After doing the assigned readings, have a much clearer concept of how intricate the idea of solidifying and ethics code or ethics is. Self awareness and awareness of the people or institution one is dealing with is essential when creating one’s own ethical code or statement. It is fascinating to understand what we do to our values and ethics to make excuses and justify our actions when we make choices that go against what we believe is right by using “neutralizing” techniques. One may have a strong sense of good ethics and follow good conduct but in situations in which a person may deviate people neutralize their value code by adopting certain attitudes that according to the person justifies an unethical decision. For this reason it is important to be self aware and understand what the reasons are for taking any action. To ask oneself what each decision one makes is based on, a value or a justification. Another important aspect that resonated with me was global ethics. One may have an idea of cultural differences but to be completely aware of the complexity of each culture’s business ethics for example, is something that needs be taken into consideration in almost every aspect of the decision making process. Awareness of others, awareness of the institution or organization one is dealing with is equally important because one may not be conscious of one’s ethics infringing on some other persons ethics. Coming from a different country and culture, I have had to adapt and sometimes find myself drifting back and forth from a different set of cultural ethics especially concerning business. For example, in my country it is considered rude to talk just business. I think in Latin America there is more of an effort to establish a personal relationship and trust to talk business whereas that in certain places may be considered a conflict of interest or unfair advantage with others competing for customers. This is just one vague example but brings out the importance of awareness when concerning ethics, both self awareness and the awareness of others and how they are affected. “Personal ethics are the moral foundation on which people build their lives. They assist in decision making, guiding you to participate in actions that meet your internal moral standards....
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