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Topics: Ethics, Decision making, Philosophy Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: December 3, 2012
There were two ethical issues presented in the Ethics Game Simulation. The first one was that the new product that had just been recently put into stores exceeded the company limits on the levels of contamination. Although the levels were lower than the FDA requirements they were still higher than the company quality allowance levels. The biggest problem with this was the fact that the company was known for its reputation of putting out the utmost quality product always. The second issue was that the FDA changed their limits on the contaminant causing the product to be able to be sold in the US anymore. We needed to figure out what percentage of this product was out there and what to do with it. Should we recall call all of it and lose a significant amount of profit, or put it into foreign countries and allow for it to sell there with those with lower safety standards or none in place at all. In the first ethical question the steps I used In making my decision was based on the rights responsibility lens and the results lens. I took these into account and coupled with the fact that our reputation was a major factor in my business decision making. I wanted to be able to sell our product in the US and but also ensure the safety of our Stakeholders and consumers. I felt the best way to do this was to disclose appropriate information about the product that would the entire consumer to make an informed decision to purchase the product. By disclosing we would show responsibility and result of our lab tests. These important steps would help the buyer to make their own decision based on factual information provided by the company.

The second ethical simulation was based on the fact that the FDA just made their standards higher and now our product did not meet the US standards. I thought that it would be best if we sold to other countries as long as we kept our reputation in mind. The way to do this was to show that we could sell in these other markets with lower...
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