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Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Morality Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 19, 2011
A Question of Ethics, using Ferrell’s Framework

Samarin is faced with the ethical dilemma of what to do regarding information in his possession that would allege unethical behavior within the OrangeWerks organization. After an analysis of the case, and evaluation of the identified alternatives, it is recommended that Samarin seek to clarify his concerns and attempt to rectify his ethical reservations regarding the organization. This proactive approach provides him the opportunity to right past wrongs, protect all involved parties and assist to establish a future framework for ethical decision making and communication within the organization. Framework Analysis

Using the Ferrell Framework for Ethical Decision Making we did explore the factors that led to the recommendation. Issue Intensity
The intensity of the issue and the perceived importance of the decision to Samarin, are assessed to be moderate to high. The question on the validity of the 15,000 allegedly fake accounts and perceived intention not to provide WSIB coverage for employees are significant issues to the organization, its investor and all employees. For Samarin, the intensity of the issue is elevated in light of having displayed questionable ethics himself in loading unlicensed software for the UNIX applications and the potential for that information to surface moving forward. Individual Factors

The justification of his decision to do so indicates he is operating at a conventional stage of moral development, conforming to expectations and not wanting “to disappoint his friends and new employers’. Samarin further rationalizes his behavior in an attempt to justify his own unethical decision in stating “which side of the ethic line do I stand on” and in ultimately deciding to “thread the fine line in the middle”. Organizational Factors

The case is silent regarding the presence of policies or procedures related to ethics, code of conduct or corporate governance. The activities...
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