Ethics on Kindness Thomas Hobbes

Topics: Random act of kindness, Positive psychology, Acts of the Apostles Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: November 26, 2012
In the Article On Kindness Thomas Hobbes views the act of kindness as a “psychological absurdity”. He believes that it is a selfish act only committed for self-pleasure for the true beast inside man. Nearly two centuries later it is clearly evident that mankind still believes in the principal of self-interest, and yet those individuals who do decide to be a part of society and show acts of kindness are viewed by eyes of suspicion because, are they committing an act of kindness based on benefits? Or are they actually attempting to make an effort to be kind to others? Compared to Phillips and Taylor’s Article Against Kindness it seen that they share similar views and they too believe in Thomas Hobbes theories that today it is only multi-millionaire stock brokers or celebrities begin to contribute back to society only to receive a pedestal to stand on, or to receive a platter of generosity by society. In my personal opinion, I too share the same views of both the authors Taylor and Phillips and the psychologist Thomas Hobbes that mankind today is completely selfish and beyond self-absorbed; many people including myself only commit acts of kindness just to receive a benefit. For example, I only hold the door in hopes that one day someone will return the favour and hold the door for me when my hands are full. The most recent act of kindness I received was from my sister who took care of me when I was very upset and she did not do it to receive a benefit or a thank you, but did it to help me believe in myself once again, to help me feel confident about life once again, and for that I am very grateful because in today’s twenty first century there is a very minimum amount of people who are willing to commit an act of kindness without thinking what they will receive in return.
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