Ethics Management in My Organization

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  • Published: January 1, 2013
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State of Ethics at Relief International
Dilruba Hussain

Table of Content

1. Importance of ethical behavior page 3 2. Organization & its function page 3 3. HR Department’s role on dealing with COC page 4 4. Key points on RI’s Code of Conduct page 4 5. Dealing with violation of ethics page 5 6. Implementation of COC page 5 7. Enforcement of COC by HRD page 6 8. Conclusion page 6

Ethical behavior is the lubricant that keeps the business running. Without that lubricant, the business would operate much less efficiently, less would be available to employees, consumers, quality would be lower, and prices would be higher. Without ensuring that an organization’s compensation and reward systems support and reinforce the corporate values, organizations may unknowingly spawn a breeding ground for unethical behavior. For any business to prosper, it is not only a perfect business plan that is needed but also right employees who can best serve the purpose of running the business with trust & commitment .In return the organization should assume fair compensation policy for these employees keeping in mind the business ethics. Relief International is a multinational nonprofit organization with its Headquarter office in Los Angeles & running operations in 30 other different regions of the world including Bangladesh .RI’s main goal is to run different projects on vulnerable issues such as violations against women, poverty alleviation, preservations of economic resource of Sundarbans, preserving the freedom of speech and many other agendas that needs...
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