Ethics in the Medical Field

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Analysis Cover Page

Topic:For your second essay, you will be analyzing a text (or media) of your choosing. You may not choose the same text as your first essay, but if you think the topic you’ve already written about might be a good one to expand on for your final informative research paper, then choose a related text or media. In this way these two essays would provide useful information and sources for your final paper.

Source(s):You must choose at least two texts or media on your desired topic following the guidelines discussed in class in addition to your primary text or media. For example, if you choose to analyze a movie, you will need two other texts or media in addition to the movie itself. Each of the sources must be cited at least twice in the essay and listed on the References page.

Audience:You are writing to an audience of fellow students with comparable knowledge regarding the topic.

Content:This essay must analyze the texts giving explanation, description, and gained knowledge after critically thinking about the topic within the text. The purpose of the essay is to express your own thoughts about the topic rather than merely reporting facts. The essay must include a clear introduction with thesis, body with your opinion, two citations from the chosen texts, and a definite conclusion.

Length:The length of this essay should be between 4-6 pages. This refers to the body and does not include your cover page, abstract, reference page or other required formatting devices.

Format:APA format is required for this assignment.

Due Dates:Draft Essay #2 is due Week 6 (Thursday, May 13, 2010) Final Essay #2 is due Week 7 (Thursday, May 20, 2010)




Content:__________________ of 75(50% of final essay)

Organization:__________________of38(25% of final...
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