Ethics in Strategic Management

Topics: Business ethics, Management, Ethics Pages: 3 (486 words) Published: March 17, 2009
Ethics in Strategic Management
Dr. Paul Doherty, University of Waterloo


This course discusses the major areas of concern in the field of business ethics today. In recent years the topic of business ethics has become increasingly important. This is because ethical choices are intrinsic to all business decisions. Unfortunately it appears that there is no satisfactory standard of ethical action that is agreeable to everyone that a manager can use to make specific operational decisions. As a result there have been numerous scandals in North America, Europe and around the world. Many of the most memorable press releases have involved conflict of interest, whistle blowing, fraud, discrimination, unjust dismissal and unethical business practice. Regrettably the moral tone of an organization is often set by top management. The course provides positions and approaches that can assist decision makers develop policies that respond to the changing social and ethical perspective for doing business. Strategies include stakeholder strategies and social, ethical and environmental leadership.

Course Objectives

The objective of “Strategic Management and the Role of Ethics in Making Business Decisions” is to provide students with a broad overview of the challenges of making ethical decisions in today’s business environment. Students are introduced to the concepts of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. All of the prominent issues in the field of business ethics are discussed and positions clarified. Many case studies are reviewed.

Module Objectives

The objectives of this elective are:

1) To increase a students understanding of the strategic impact of the social and ethical environment of doing business around the world.

2) To increase a students understanding of the ethical dilemmas inherent in any business decision process.

3) To shed light on the role of personal values and attitudes linked to the social and...
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