Ethics in Religion

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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“If there is no God, then everything is permitted” – Dostoyevky If there is no God, then surely everything is permitted and there will be situation of moral chaos. This is because people will try to define what is moral by themselves and people somehow will define it differently according to their internal and external factors. Without God, there is no good and evil, there are only subjective opinions that we then label “good” and “evil.”

No doubt religion must be the basis of ethics and it is undeniable. Why it is because religion is the most solid basis to explain morality. All religions have moral components and religious approach to ethical issues supported by divine teaching. With the clear guidelines that has been underline in holy books, revelations that mostly come from supernatural and divine teaching is not something man-made. For example, divine book of Islam - Al-Quran lays the principles that help Muslims achieve salvation, become better individuals and useful members of society. The book has underlined almost everything from how one should serve Allah to even how to do business. Next, God’s law is not only meant to create harmonious environment but also to test His believers’ upon their loyalty. Most religions always discuss about life after death. Human are accountable to all their action during their lifetime and it will be paid in hereafter. The concept of paradise and hell in Islam can be a motivational and sanction factors to Muslims to perform a good and avoid bad conducts. The concept of God’s existence will make belief that everything that you do will be paid, definitely. For example, the concept of karma in Buddhism and the concept of Judgement Day, Paradise and Hell in Islam. Besides that, the reason why religion is must be the basis of morality is because there will be no conflict of interest in defining what is right or wrong. The secular point of view on what can be classified...
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