Ethics in Quality

Topics: Ethics, United Technologies Corporation, Business ethics Pages: 6 (1997 words) Published: March 11, 2008
The topic we chose to research is ethics in quality. We will discuss four main topics in this paper. Total quality management vs. ethics quality management is the first where we will talk about two different approaches to quality management methods. Total quality management has a process and customer satisfaction focus while ethics quality management focuses on company image and keeping high ethical standards in production processes. Next, we will discuss an internship experience at United Technologies (UTC). UTC employs a quality system called Achieving Competitive Excellence where it is closely paired with an ethics training system. This must be completed by every employee within the organization yearly. We will provide an example of how ethics plays a large role in the production and development of software. The last subject we will discuss is a consulting company, Ethics Inc, that focuses on implementing ethics programs and standards within other companies. They provide onsite and online courses for improving ethical practices. The paper will provide better insight for the importance of ethics in quality.

Total vs. Ethics Quality Management
Total Quality Management is a method focusing on the optimization of industrial processes under economic aspects. When compared with Ethics Quality Management there are certainly many differences in these two types of methods. Under Total Quality Management customer satisfaction is a central value with absolute priority and assumes that achieving customer satisfaction automatically implies optimal economic results. When breaking down this method there are is a three level approach; total management, quality management, and management (Julliard, 2004). "Total" management is when all activities of a company are included in the optimization. A procedural approach to continuous development of activities as well as development of new technologies will help to achieve higher customer satisfaction and success. The "quality" management aspect refers to the objective of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a company. Quality is considered as a measuring device for the assessment of processes and management techniques with respect to customer satisfaction (Julliard, 2004). A key component to TQM system is to establish a structure in which all persons involved in the process do their job in the best possible way. The task of management is to bring the company in line with customer expectations as well as continuously restructuring the company's procedures by checking for redundancies or inefficient procedures. The TQM strategy moves a company from a product oriented concept to a stakeholder perspective. It also means that a company is regarded as a part of society and therefore provides a starting point for the reflection of social implications of the company's activities. The general task of the Ethics Quality Management approach is the identification and structured solution of ethical conflicts in the development and application of technical systems (Julliard, 2004). Companies need a minimum acceptability for their products to be saleable. Socially unacceptable products usually bear economic disaster. To be successful, enterprises need acceptance of their technology, users to buy them, and a positive image. Along with this companies need a fixed and stable ethical framework to which customers and manufacturers commit themselves. A lack of security for transactions or sales processes is considered a financial ‘risk' that leads to higher prices and potentially smaller revenues. Overall, the main idea of EQM is to let companies select certain values to reflect their own corporate culture and commit all members to this set of values.

Internship Experience at United Technologies Corp.
John was an intern at United Technologies Corporation in Hartford, Connecticut for the past two summers where he gained experience with using a quality system which closely integrated...
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