Ethics in Psychological Research

Topics: Ethics, Research, Animal testing Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Ethics in Psychological Research
Psych/540 Melody Stevenson January 21, 2013 Neil Stafford

Ethics in Psychological Research Animals are kept as pets by millions of people around the world and to most are like a member of the family, but there are some that treat animals as nothing more than an experimentation. There are many reasons people are fighting to end animal testing but the main reason for the fight is the personal beliefs of people. No matter which side a person is on it is still cause to take a look into the treatment of animals in benefiting humans. Scientist and researchers use animals in their experiments every day and although there have been regulations set to protect the animals millions die due to the research. Many of the scientists, researchers and people that are for animal testing do not think that the practice of animal testing is unethical because the animals cannot speak or verbally express if they are in pain or feel poorly about what is going on. The debate as to whether animal testing is unethical and immoral has been a constant issue of debate for many years. While most humans are not directly affected by the numerous deaths that these animals experience indirectly the people that surround us affects us daily. Ethical dilemmas can come up anytime research is being done and that is the reason that ethics have been put in place. Ethics Ethics help steer researchers through ethical problems that could occur when doing research. For example, when do research study is it appropriate not to tell the people participating what the study is for or what they are...
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